• PROTECT Your Online Business


    Block cyber fraud. Secure your online and mobile customers. Earn their confidence and protect your reputation.

  • STOP Fraud in its Tracks


    Be proactive, with real-time monitoring and alerting that combines both genuine human-behavior analysis and transaction analysis.

  • PREVENT Data Leakage and Protect Privacy


    Protect reputation and stop intentional data leaks by securing your system at its most vulnerable – the application layer.

  • RECORD Each and Every Keystroke


    Unparalleled visibility into internal and external user actions that no SIEM can match: creating a forensic audit trail with full screen-by-screen replay.

  • CONTROL Your Enterprise Case Management


    Streamline the investigative process and SMR reporting by incorporating all data sources into one comprehensive cross-enterprise platform.

  • MEET Regulatory Challenges


    Comply with AML, PCI and other privacy regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Basel II and more.

  • Investigator  Investigator
  • Security Officer  Security Officer
  • Compliance Officer  Compliance Officer
  • Risk Officer  Risk Officer
  • Auditor  Auditor

Multiple Fraud Solutions – One Platform


Intellinx offers a wide range of anti-fraud, forensics, compliance and Enterprise Case Management solutions on a single platform. Intellinx’s patented technology features unparalleled visibility into internal and external user activity, supporting advanced user behavior profiling and transaction analysis.

Enterprises worldwide enjoy Intellinx’s exceptional flexibility and ease of use, enabling them to quickly respond to the ever-changing threat landscape, with minimal IT assistance. The system’s cross channel analytics allows for effective prevention of sophisticated fraud schemes perpetrated by trusted employees, external fraudsters and collaborations.


  • The staff at Intellinx has been unbelievably helpful with both onsite assistance as well as offsite support and has proved invaluable to the success of this project.

    William R. Powell Jr., Ph.D., General Manager, REJIS Commission
  • We have found that Intellinx has amazing capabilities and is fulfilling not only our logging needs, but is proving extremely useful in troubleshooting application and network issues.

    William R. Powell Jr., Ph.D., General Manager, REJIS Commission
  • Clients that have worked with Intellinx’s staff directly have reported excellent customer service, responsiveness and professionalism.

    A Fraud analyst in a leading analyst firm
  • Intellinx excels at real-time user surveillance and audit trails…

    A Fraud analyst in a leading analyst firm
  • Intellinx deployments are straightforward and simple, especially relative to the competition.

    A Fraud analyst in a leading analyst firm
  • Intellinx allowed Bank Leumi to comply with regulations requiring a full audit trail after a very short implementation process, saving us many programmer-months that would otherwise have been invested in altering our systems.

    Sasson Mordechay, Senior VP & Head of Operations Division, Bank Leumi
  • Intellinx allows our fraud investigators to visually replay screen data of both current and historical transactions and receive real-time alerts on suspicious events.

    Tony Spinelli – Chief Security & Compliance Officer, Equifax
  • The Intellinx results were overwhelmingly jaw-dropping successful. Potential threats to officer and public safety are reduced.

    Peggy Bell – Executive Director, Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS), the State of Delaware
  • Turnaround time with the Intellinx system was fabulous. Breach investigation time decreased by more than 90%.

    Peggy Bell – Executive Director, Delaware Criminal Justice Information System (DELJIS), State of Delaware
  • When you start peeling back the layers, it’s quite amazing what you can do with Intellinx.

    Andrew Fenn, Head of Internal Audit, LaSer UK
  • I haven’t come across a fraud solution before that delivers this kind of return on investment.

    Ian Frith, Head of Fraud, LaSer UK
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